Democracies are stronger

Democracy is not perfect? Churchill has already said, democracy is the worst system of government, except for all the others that have been invented.

“When I despair, I remember that throughout history, the paths of truth and love have always triumphed. There have been tyrants, murderers, and for a time they may seem invincible, but in the end, they always fall.” Gandhi

Roosevelt in 1941 spoke of the 4 freedoms in his address to the United States Congress, all the inhabitants of our planet should enjoy them:

Freedom of speech

Religious freedom

The freedom to live without hardship

The freedom to live without fear

And in this order.

Freedom of speech would be the most essential right in a democratic society. Without this right, apart from the dissatisfaction that it produces to the population, the government can tell all kinds of lies and hide all the information it wants.

Without freedom of speech, without even trusting your citizens in what some may say, and what others may think about what they have said, a society cannot advance beyond a certain level.

When problems arise, all levels of a society of this type tend to hide information, or falsify it for fear of retaliation from the political hierarchy, and the political hierarchy for fear of the reaction of its citizens, whom it keeps “infantilized” Because they are not mature enough to process this information, and they also want to decide what their citizens think.

It is clear that in such a paradigm citizens have a lot of interference to develop some areas of their potential as a minimum. Not only do they interfere, they suffer an injustice, because the lack of freedom of speech is a form of injustice, and as Martin Luther King said “Injustice, anywhere, is a threat to justice everywhere.”

In the current coronavirus crisis, democracy will be strengthened, only it takes longer to react more than totalitarian or dictatorial systems where there is a chain of command and command. Systems that empower people are slower at first, but in the long run they are more powerful. The solution is to empower citizens, trust them, treat them like adults.

As we empower citizens, we move them from Dependent, to Independent, and ultimately interdependent.

The higher the quality of a democracy, the greater the empowerment, the feeling of happiness of its citizens, that they have control of their lives, and the economic performance of the country.

Sweden has decided to trust its citizens, that they would self-regulate social distancing. Thanks to this empowerment, he did not need to do a total confinement.

If the political leaders do their prevention work well, and the citizens are empowered, everything is much easier and there is no need for drastic and authoritarian measures to redirect the situation.

In Spain, due to the improved initial response of the government, much more stringent containment measures have then had to be imposed to compensate for the initial slow reflexes, and for failing to convince the population in the same way due to a communication policy to Sometimes unclear and contradictory.

This is what produces the difference in citizen empowerment and democratic quality between Spain and Sweden.

This was in confinement, now comes the next de-escalation phase, and coexistence with the Coronavirus for quite some time, perhaps years.

There may be a temporary loss of privacy due to the need to track new cases.

We must bear in mind that the precious asset in our democracies is freedom of speech. Our red lines have to be those.

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