Footprints or scars

Educating from equality, the parent-child relationship as the basis for achieving equality. We speak of an egalitarian education among the members of a family, regardless of their gender.

The responsibility of each member plays an important role, coexistence tries to involve each of them, from the love we can focus on new habits where each of them contributes their grain of sand, from a very young age we can instill values of responsibility, well-being, and unity seeking greater family integration, where each finds his worth in the family environment.

Thus fulfilling the purpose of each person channeling a meeting of the gifts enriching a personal growth from happiness in the present, since it happens now and here. Mindfulness grows from curiosity in oneself, encourages research, and consequently growth … immediately rules out external possession (individuals, jealousy, …) and maternal dependence when it comes to being independent.

Often in the face of a negative attitude of the children, we act from the mutual reproach in the couple, not wanting to recognize a lack in oneself, the Cro-Magnon will try to take responsibility for introspection, we usually act from the imposition, we use the fear to impose ourselves, to try to control attitudes, this attitude induces lovelessness as it lies in the lack of self-knowledge, awarding a label limiting one’s own, paternal and relational love relationship. By working on our own shortcomings, generational beliefs, we can avoid immediate attitudes of mental impulses that reside in each of us.

Avoiding a projection of personal responsibilities/deficiencies in others is an achievement of freedom not only in the family environment but in all coexistence. Observing very well what we feel allows us to identify and modify the thought to later adjust our attitude to an obstacle. Holding each of the members of the family responsible from their inner self, gender is independent of the responsibility of the individual within the coexistence.

Emotional dependencies are rooted in self-ignorance, so we leave the responsibility of our happiness in the hands of the closest person, in their absence we completely collapse. When we do not accept ourselves as we are, we tend to treat ourselves and those around us. In search of the better half, only when we are emotionally independent and know how to manage our emotions will we be whole oranges, we will vibrate waves of fullness and abundance, we attract other whole oranges through signs of self-happiness.

How are we going to speak to each other from the objectivity and especially if our habits accepted as a general norm, in most of their generational cases, are not always correct in the transmission of values. Corrections as a contribution to change, from affection, being aware together with the wisdom of self-knowledge, opening a view on the own generational lack. By becoming aware of them, we can search for their polarity, applying that vision opens the window to new habits, generating a change of focus, giving rise to the liberation of concepts embedded in our minds. It is ourselves to value which are values ​​that contribute a healthy attitude worthy of transmission.

Balancing polarity to find balance, the limit is the role to be assigned to the Cro-Magnon that lives in us. What can we do right now to change? To meet the unknown and discover ourselves to foster a better version of myself, completely new, the power to identify and modify negative attitudes, we have the option of changing habits.

From a very young age, involving children allows them to value the small details that being in the present and enjoying it, likewise, we can let there be initiative and responsibility in each of us, where gender does not take on any importance. Any obstacle to overcome from resilience, our innate power to overcome ourselves will open windows of vision of our purpose.

The attitude of victimhood and how to cancel it, the complaint intoxicates the environment since it leaves no room for the analysis of emotion and less for its acceptance, through mindfulness, focusing the mind in such a way that it is in the present, identifying the emotion, managing emotions properly in the face of an obstacle such as fear, anger, sadness, … we will give place and space for its internal manifestation and attending to it we can hear the voice of our heart, what does it tell us? We will leave the Cro-Magnon aside, fixing our attention on the breath and cradling the emotion as if it were a baby, in all silence with greater introspection. Where does our first automatic boost come from? It is right? Do we like the reaction that the mind gives us? Or do we prefer that the heart tell us the truth? Let’s be honest with ourselves!

Identification of gifts, strengths, contracting new experiences of all kinds, venturing into the unknown, allows a greater identification of personal skills on the way to self-knowledge, also knowing the weak fronts to manage to balance oneself. The change resides in oneself which removes all external toxic influence.

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