Transpersonal journey

When we get through the shells of the emotional, the vibration begins to be felt.

He begins to feel in the other and in me, vibrating together, knowing that a border, a limit, of time and space had been crossed.

The breastplate of pain was pierced by the tears of sadness that sprang up, and little by little, minute by minute, even moment by moment they cleansed of pain, the resonance of that heart, which beats hidden, and begins to appear, flooding with tears.

Crystalline and salty as sea water, they clean, heal and heal wounds. Transparent, crystalline, pure, sincere, clear and luminous.

Like drums in the dark night begins to rumble, boom boom, boom boom, boom boom.

The fire appears from the center, its heat, its strength, its energy and its embrace, begin to transform.

That sea of ​​tears refract its light, in the form of a smile, of those deep ones that as a divine message come to illuminate the face.

Disguised as hope it is there, it is perceived, it feels, it embraces.


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