What is Coaching?

The aim of Coaching is to help unlock your untapped potential.
How? By increasing your awareness and activating your responsibility by building a forward-looking mindset.

How does Coaching compare with Mentoring, Psychotherapy, Consulting, etc.?

Coaching is not about giving answers, opinions, or advice, or about making judgements.
With Coaching, the assumption is that you, the Coachee, already enjoy good mental and emotional health.
In Mentoring there is a transfer of expert knowledge and, perhaps,  supervision. But in Coaching we just hold up a mirror in front of you and facilitate your conversation with yourself.
Psychotherapy looks at your past to solve traumas, blockages, etc. But Coaching is about unlocking your potential. It’s about your future.
Consulting is about asking expert advice of a specialist. Coaches don’t give advice, expert or otherwise.