Coronavirus Coaching for free, without charge. We are well aware that one of the real challenges posed by the coronavirus lockdown is simply that of making productive use of the enforced time at home. We are a team of Coaches  and want to assist those who can benefit without charge. Look our reviews. To schedule a Skype or WhatsApp one-to-one video call appointment just get in touch with us.



What is Coaching? The aim of Coaching is to help unlock your untapped potential.

How? By increasing your awareness and activating your responsibility by building a forward-looking mindset.

In other words: Putting your self-learning capacity to work, again. Nobody taught you to walk when you were a baby right? You learned to crawl by yourself and later you learned to walk by yourself, and later you learned to speak by yourself, all by yourself. We humans, never lose that self-learning capacity,  we only need to activate it.

Our Coaching services are mainly focused on the Coronavirus lockdown but we can work any other area in your life that you want to improve. We come from different styles of Coaching, some are Transpersonal, some PNL, some Gestal


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Is my life going as I want or am I just letting myself go?
What does my life taste like today? … How much do I agree?
What do I want to do? …
These are some of the questions we ask ourselves when we do a process.

Coaching is a method, a training that pursues a main objective.

It focuses us on an achievement that matters to us and guides us through the steps to achieve it.

A Coach is someone who accompanies you in this process, maintains a dialogue with you, through powerful questions that will help you to become aware, to discover limitations and strengths, to search within yourself, to reflect on things that perhaps you had not stopped. to think and take responsibility for what you decide to do.

Something very important is that a Coach drives you and it is often that small impulse that makes you wake up, which causes you to click that motivates powerful and sustainable action. You find your rhythm, your way of doing things. A Coach fully trusts you, that you can achieve what you set out to do, helps you train what you lack to achieve it. All the answers are in you only that for some reason you can’t see them, you don’t have the strength or the energy to find them.

We work from the present and towards the future. The past helps us to have information and bring the resources and strengths you have to use when you need it. It does not stay anchored in the past.

We understand that everyone has their own beliefs, circumstances and realities, that is why we do not judge. What we can do is confront the client with his contradictions to help him discover his truth.

We do not tell you what to do, we do not give advice. The difference with psychologists is that they treat pathologies, while Coaches work with a person who has obstacles on a professional or personal level, who wants to overcome difficulties, grow as a person, someone who knows that he can get more out of himself, who wants to discover his potential and get to express it in your life.

A Coaching process is perfectly compatible with other therapy or psychological processes, they are different tools that are at your disposal and you can use.

What are you willing to do for you?
How commited are you?